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The Communities of Alsace A-Z
Contact Information

The "Communities of Alsace A-Z" website was originally designed and developed by Robert Behra. In July, 2004, Brian J. Smith assumed responsibility for its upkeep.

Please contact me (Brian) if you have updates or corrections for this site.

I request that you please do not contact me with questions about your ancestors. I am sorry, but I know very little beyond what appears on this website and on my own website (at http://smithancestry.com). Time spent responding to questions would prevent me from spending time maintaining this website. A far better place to ask your questions is the Alsace-Lorraine mailing list on Rootsweb.com, where hundreds of people will read your message and you are much more likely to get a helpful reply.

The exception to the "please do not contact me with questions" request is if you already know that your ancestors originated in Soufflenheim or Stundwiller. In that case we are likely to be related, and I would be pleased to hear from you.

My e-mail address is: