Genealogy Sources from the
Family History Library (FHL)

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The Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City, Utah, has an enormous volume of genealogy resource materials. The materials are available online on their website, and at the library's network of Family History Centers (FHC's) located throughout the world.

Recently the FHL has renamed its facilities to bring their names in line with their FamilySearch online services.
The Family History Library is now the "FamilySearch Library."
The Family History Centers are now "FamilySearch Centers".
On this page, I continue to use the old nomenclature.

The FHL website is at

The FHL Catalog: Microfilm and Microfiche Records and More

For many years, the bulk of the FHL's resources were available on microfilm and microfiche. The FHL has collected civil, church, and other records from a vast array of locations throughout the world. They have converted these records to microfilm, microfiche, and/or online images.

Each microfilm/microfiche volume identified by a catalog number, such as Microfilm # 1292892, which is:

Microfilm # 1292892
Church records - Catholic Church, St. Mary of the Assumption
Lancaster, Erie County, New York

To view microfilm and microfiche records, visit a Family History Center (FHC). There may be a small fee to order a volume from the FHL so that it is available to you on-site at your FHC.

In recent years, the FHL has digitized many (or maybe all) of these records -- in other words, converted them to online website images.
Many of them can be viewed on the website.
Others, although in an online format, can still be viewed only by visiting one of the Family History Centers or the FHL itself.

A full catalog of these records can be found online.
From the home page, select "Search > Catalog" from the main menu.
Or click this link:
FamilySearch Catalog.
The catalog identifies for each item whether it is available online or only at an FHC/FHL.

Family History Centers (FHC's)

The FHL operates a network of Family History Centers (or FamilySearch Centers) at locations around the world. Most are on the grounds of an LDS Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Even though the properties are church-owned, the FHC's are open to all.

To locate the FHC nearest to you,
from the home page, click the location icon on the top menu line: Locations.
Or click one of these links:


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