The Online Archives of Territoire de Belfort

By Brian J. Smith - October, 2020

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The Territoire de Belfort, the small region of Alsace southwest of Haut-Rhin, has made many records from its archives available on-line. Their home page is The site is in French.

According to the home page, the online document images will become unavailable after the end of 2020, until they complete an overhaul of the website now in progress.

Instructions for Using the Parish and Civil Registers

  1. Start on the home page for the Archives of Territoire de Belfort:
  2. Click this link, which is in red near the bottom of the page:
    "Recherche thématique"
    ("Recherche thématique" also appears as a menu choice at the top of the page.)
  3. Click this link, which is in red near the bottom of the page:
    "Rechercher dans l'état civil"
  4. Fill in the search page to specify the records you wish to view:
  5. In the list of responses, click an item to select it. Then click one of the volumes that will appear on the right.
  6. If the image view fails to open, in particular if the message "Adobe Flash Player is blocked" is displayed, see the instructions below for "Unblocking Adobe Flash Player."
  7. The image viewer has various controls for scrolling through images, magnifying, downloading, etc.

Census Records

To view census records, click this link at Step 3 above:
"Rechercher dans les recensements"

Unblocking Adobe Flash Player

The web browser that I use, Google Chrome, would not at first dispaly the document images. Instead the web page displayed this message instead of an image: "Adobe Flash Player is blocked." (Adobe Flash Player is technology that websites use to present images and video, but its support is being discontinued at the end of 2020.) Here are the steps I took to configure my browser to fix this problem by unblocking Adobe Flash Player.

These instructions apply only to Google Chrome. The procedure will be different for any other web browser.

These instruction may fail altogether next year (2021) when Adobe Flash Player support is discontinued.

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Last modified: 02-Oct-2020