Soufflenheim Birth Index, 1792-1862
By Mark Drexler

Introduction and Instructions

Introduction and Instructions
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On the following pages you will find a list of births from the community of Soufflenheim, Alsace, for the years 1792 through 1862. The list contains over seven thousand records.

This index is the work of Mark Drexler, who spent many months compiling it from the civil records of Soufflenheim, completing the work in August, 2019. We believe this is a comprehensive list of every birth record available during that period. The data was converted into web pages by Brian J. Smith. Brian is also the author of this introduction and compiled the "Mothers Names" page.

If you find names here that are of interest you, we recommend that you look up the original records. For instructions on how to find those, please refer to the Online Archives of Bas-Rhin. In the original records you will find additional information not contained in this index, such as the birth date of the child and in most cases the age of one or both parents. The marriage record of the parents can also likely be found online. No doubt you may also discover some errors in our index, for which we apologize. The source documents were handwritten and sometimes difficult to read, so no doubt some errors crept in during transcription.

A few notes:

For questions and comments about this index, you are welcome to contact Brian J. Smith. If you have information to add, we would be glad to receive it.

The e-mail address for Brian J. Smith is Email for Brian Smith

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